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all happen really fast. everyday is an intense transformation i feel. all is started since october 2018 all timeline gettin more fast. and continuely gettin more fast july 2019, 2020’s new year eve, august 2020, december 2020, february 2021, and today, march 15, 2021. i call it as energy shifting. manifestation of intentions got speed up to 8x than usual. it could be karma pays, also. fruition that used comes 6 months later, and speed up gettin 3 months later, now it could be only in 15 days.

before enters Aries season, all the tangled problem that caused by decision we took last year asked to be fixed. this spring would be so refresing and cherishing, full of blessings as a really new start, before we really get into new orders in summer, based on who we are after pass the current peeling phase. the true self that be ready is waiting to execute new order, the meaningful one, the higher one. but it never be as great i said if before Sun enters aries we still give a room for past problems and we couldnt be firm enough to cut it off. repetition lessons and all become a pile of orders asked to be resolved.

courage, truthful, trust, brave, faithful, and be firm to say no are the keywords that be concerned about to cut off the old phase by empty up the field and to allows new energy to fill our field. once you succeed cut off the last tied pattern, you are steppin into new gate i call as future. spring could be a test-drive period of new habit or future situations you have.

the unnecessary messy business that waste most of your time would be get rid, and dont be surprised if you started into simpler duty with full of focus and dedication. no more room and time for the unnecesary stuffs such as people or unresonates social life. only a big pathway that sacred and wont make you dizzy anymore. unless joy, passionate and happy. no distractions, only heaven on earth and duty that wholeheartedly blissful. the burden is, would you firm enough to say no for anythings that still ruined you lately? its up to you.

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