Space Cadet👽🌟

Aliens are the best lover/practical poet

What if everyone has each private UFO maybe we could get our space how much we need how often we need and explore it without any limit.

Or intend to invite someone we loved so we could floating around and share the space together with no unnecessary distraction between a void, i would like it so.

Because sometimes a specific planet was too intense, i just wanna be nothing in emptiness together and not grumbing for that but grateful because his presence just my only focus and that’s all, my life’s already whole full.

A proof of the boasting phrase that sounded like

Sometimes, we couldn’t compare big meaningful things/feelings with a certain equivalent word because thats all beyond. Thats why i believe on poetry and fantasy because they never lied, they’re too accurate in describing the quality every greatly great experience gave.

Penulis intuitif yang menganut “Bliss, Blessed, Blossom”. Menyendiri untuk menyadari, lalu menulisnya sebagai kumpulan tata cara mewujudkan Sejatinya Harmoni.